Baseball Nutrition: How Important Is It?

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How important is a baseball nutrition? Many baseball pitchers underestimate the importance of a proper nutrition plan. Nutrition can determine whether or not an athlete will perform at elite levels. Furthermore, proper nutrition is vitally important because of the amount of stress that the body withstands during sports activity.

Without a baseball nutrition program, a player may witness decreased endurance, fatigue, and even mental drain. Poorly designed and regulated nutrition plans tend to be most prevalent in younger players. Many times, they have little knowledge or direction on how to construct a proper nutrition program.

Additionally, there are many instances when younger baseball pitchers or players simply do not care about their nutrition because younger bodies are able to metabolize much easier.

Younger players must understand that training for and playing baseball can be incredibly taxing on the body. In both instances your body's source of calories, water, and minerals deteriorate. Without proper nutrition consumption that is focused on baseball performance, the body will be depleted of these sources much quicker than a player who is maintaining an excellent nutritional program.

Athletes in general must consume more calories than the average person.

For example, Michael Phelps has told sources that he consumes 8,000-10,000 calories per day. Phelps consumes extremely high levels of calories because he knows that half, or even more than half of those calories will be depleted by the end of his training session for the day. I have broadly listed below some guidelines that are necessary for maintaining proper baseball nutrition.

Baseball nutrition essentials

  • Increased daily caloric intake
  • Increased consumption of carbohydrates
  • Increased consumption of good fats (Omega-3)
  • Higher levels of protein consumption
  • High levels of water consumption

Keep working hard. No off days. No excuses.

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