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Core training for baseball pitchers is a necessary component of any strength training regime. The movements involved in baseball such as hitting, pitching, or running, require a significant amount of core power and strength.

Baseball players who lack an appropriate core training routine will most likely have little hitting power, and average, to below average pitching velocity. Core exercises are essential for baseball players who are looking to take their games to the next level.

Here are some potential benefits of implementing a core training regime into your baseball strength training.

Benefits of core training for baseball

  • Increased hitting power.
  • Greater potential for pitching velocity.
  • Better overall body control and balance.
  • Can reduce the amount of stress on the throwing arm.
  • Could prevent potential injuries.
  • Will increase a players overall strength.
  • Greater sprinting speed and athleticism.
  • Mental confidence.

Core training vs. Six pack training

Some baseball instructors will contend that having a six pack does not necessarily imply that a player has a strong core. This is partially true because the core muscles are more than just the rectus abdominus muscles or the front of the abs. The core is composed of the lower back, hips, and the inner muscles of the abs.

Many core training exercises are typically different than your average abs exercises. Training the abs directly is necessary to overall core strength, but there must be a focus on building explosiveness in the hips, lower back, and transverse abdominis muscles (muscles located on both sides of the abs).

Core training for baseball includes several different methods such as medicine balls, weight training, body weight exercises, plyometrics, and agility training. Combining each of these methods into your core training will result in excellent results.

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