3 Excellent Forearm Exercises For Baseball

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Forearm exercises for baseball and pitching are essential for preventing injury, increasing velocity, increasing bat speed, and promoting muscular balance. MLB players provide a perfect example of the importance of forearm training in baseball.

Almost every single player at the higher competitive levels has strong and muscular forearms.

Strength training the forearms can prevent injury for three different reasons.

First, forearm exercises will strengthen the muscles and ligaments surrounding the elbow. This is absolutely essential for preventing any potential elbow injury.

If the muscles are not strengthened, then the elbow bones will absorb a greater amount of stress from pitching.

Second, forearm training promotes muscular balance. Most pitcher strength training programs will hammer in the point that muscular balance is essential for preventing pitching injury.

Third, exercising the forearms for baseball will also increase your overall grip and wrist strength. Pitching a baseball requires a significant amount of wrist snapping, and the stronger your wrists are, the harder you can snap at your release point.

Also, strengthening your fingers can also result in additional velocity gains because of the obvious reason that you snap your fingers downward to generate the necessary spin on the baseball.

You may not see incredible pitching velocity gains, but seeing 1-2 mph on your velocity is more than possible with a well-structured forearm training regime.

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3 excellent forearm exercises for baseball pitchers

These are some of the best forearm workouts for baseball. Always perform these exercises with good form, and with control.

  1. Forearm rollers
  2. One of the best forearm workouts for baseball if you have the accessibility. This forearm exercise requires a unique contraption, but it give you a highly satisfactory burn. It can come in many different shapes and forms, but each one has the same purpose.

    • Grip the device with both hands
    • Hold your arms out at shoulder height with the weight hanging
    • You will then begin to roll the string and weight up
    • Keep your arms straight, and only use your wrists
    • Once the weight has reached the top, begin to lower it back down to starting position (This is the most important part!)
    • Make sure you lower weight using only your wrists, and at a very slow pace
    • The negative portion is the most important portion of the exercise.

    One rep is considered both the positive and negative portion of the exercise. Make sure you use a weight that enables you to perform the exercise with the proper form. Using weight heavier than your capacity will force you to bend your elbows, and you will then be forced to utilize muscles other than the forearms.

    Form over weight in all weightlifting exercises!

  3. Behind the back barbell curls
  4. With the self explanatory title, you will need a barbell to perform this exercise.

    • Face away from the barbell
    • Grip the bar with both hands at a little less than shoulder width
    • Make sure your elbows are pressed against your sides, and the top of your hands and wrists are pressed up against your lower back or glutes.
    • Your elbows can be slightly bent during the exercise, but you must only use your wrist to curl the barbell up
    • Once you curl the weight up, hold that position for 1-2 seconds to get a good squeeze of the forearm
    • Slowly lower the to starting position and repeat
    • 3 sets of 8-10 repetitions
    • You can add additional weight if the barbell is too light, as long as you can maintain good form.
  5. Dumbbell wrists rotations
  6. You will need two dumbbells for this simple exercise. Dumbbells wrist rotations are excellent for strengthening the muscles around the elbow, as well as the wrists.

    • Press your elbows against your side
    • Dumbbells will be at elbow height
    • By only moving your wrists, rotate the dumbbells outward so that your palms are facing the sky.
    • Then rotate inward so that your palms are facing the ground.
    • Repeat this motion back and forth slow and controlled to feel the forearms muscles work
    • One outward and inward rotation counts as a single repetition
    • 3 sets of 8-10 reps

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