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Squats are one of the best pitching exercises. If you examine any professional athlete, in any respective sport, you will see that they incorporate barbell squats into their workout routines. Squats are particularly important for baseball pitchers because pitching velocity is generated through the core and the legs.

While pitching mechanics are essential for velocity, having a strong foundation is equally important. Baseball pitchers must understand that squats are the first step to building a stronger base that is capable of producing greater velocity.

In the video you will see two examples of how to properly perform a power and olympic barbell squat. Both exercises are great for building explosion and strength in the glutes, hamstrings, quads, abductors, back, and core.

Be sure to remember that squats are only the first step towards developing a powerful lower half. Baseball pitchers must develop an effective strength training regime if they wish to see noticeable results.

5 benefits to squats for pitching

  1. Stronger and more powerful legs
  2. Increased explosiveness in running, jumping, hitting, and most importantly, pitching. Increased explosiveness leads to increased velocity
  3. Builds overall core strength, which maximizes velocity
  4. Ensures that the body stays balanced, which is vital to pitching
  5. Increases leg stamina so that pitchers are able to throw deeper into baseball games.

Each of these benefits prove that barbell squats are vitally important to baseball pitchers. If you are concerned about injuring yourself with barbell squats, you can also utilize front squats instead.

I highly recommend that baseball pitchers implement squats into their strength training routine because pitching is one of the most explosive movements in all sports. Squats are your first step towards developing that explosion.

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