Pitching Mechanics: Why Eliminating The ‘Balance Point’ Increases Velocity

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Some pitching coaches emphasize the importance of maintaining a proper balance point in your pitching delivery. They might teach a pitcher to find a proper balance point at the peak of the leg lift because they believe it will increase overall balance.

In order to find that balance point, the instructor will probably have the pitcher pause at the top of the balance point. Having a pitcher do this can be detrimental to his pitching mechanics, and pitching velocity potential.

Pitchers should be balanced throughout their entire delivery, not just at the top of the leg lift.

A pitchers balancing potential is determined by a few things, but usually has to due with the overall core strength.

If pitchers are maintaining a proper strength and conditioning program then there should never be any balance related issues.

Stopping at the top of the leg lift decreases velocity potential. This is evident if you examine any hard throwing pitcher in the MLB. Every single one is moving forward at the point of the their leg lift, and this enables them to produce excellent stride speed, which is a large component to velocity.

Look at the pitching GIF of Aroldis Chapman. He doesn't stop his motion at any point once he takes his rocker step.

Chapman wouldn't be able to get his momentum moving forward toward home plate as quickly and efficiently as he does if he stopped at the top of his leg lift.

By pausing at the top of the leg lift, it becomes extremely difficult to generate the stride speed necessary for optimal pitching velocity.

Avoid pausing or trying to reach a "balance point" because it will not improve your velocity. Every pitcher should be moving forward in their motion, not staying still!

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