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Push-ups for baseball pitchers? This simple exercise can be beneficial for all types of baseball players. Many pitchers and athletes underestimate the effectiveness of push-ups as a strength training exercise.

Consequently, they are missing out on an exercise that can strengthen several different muscles all in one simple motion. In addition, push-ups can also be a great alternative to bench pressing, or can be used in combination with benching exercises.

Push-ups for baseball pitchers? But why?

According to Eric Cressey, baseball pitchers are known to have less scapular upward rotation compared with position players and non-athletes.

Push-ups can help alleviate this issue by activating the serratus anterior, and will benefit the shoulder girdle. These muscles are common problem areas for pitchers, but by performing push-ups, it could possibly prevent pitching injuries to the scapular muscles or rotator cuff.

What muscles are targeted with push-ups?

Push-ups are an excellent baseball exercise because they can effectively train and strengthen several sections of the body. In general, push-ups primarily target the muscles of the chest, arms, shoulders, and core. The primary muscles that are trained: Anterior and medial deltoids, triceps, pectoralis major, and pectoralis minor.

The secondary muscles that are trained include: Rhomboid major and minor, erector spinae, rotator cuff, posterior deltoids, serratus anterior, rectus abdominus, transverse abdominus, gluteaus maximus, and quadriceps. Push-ups are undoubtedly a beneficial exercise for targeting several distinct muscles groups.

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How to perform push-ups?

Push-ups will only be advantageous for baseball pitchers if they are properly performed. When performing a push-up your arms should be tucked to a 45-degree angle to the your torso, your hips should not sag, and your head should be looking towards the ground. Your chest, not your hips or chin, should reach the ground first.

Performing the push-ups in this manner will ensure that you properly train each muscle. This type of push-up is only one of the many variations that you can use. However, the other variations are for more advanced athletes who have used regular push-ups on a frequent basis.

First, you should master the correct form of the basic push-up, and once you do, you can advance into the more difficult types of push-ups such as: the dive bomber push-up, explosive push-ups, or wide push-ups.

Push-ups are an excellent exercise for baseball pitchers who are seeking an alternative to bench press, or just trying to increase the difficulty of their strength training routine.

Many athletes and baseball players underestimate the benefits of this exercise, and they are missing out a great strength training method.

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