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Rotator cuff exercises for baseball pitchers are essential for preventing arm injury, increasing velocity, and maintaining proper arm health throughout a long and rigorous baseball season.

Often times, pitcher rotator cuff workouts are also called Jobes. Dr. Frank Jobe was one of the first doctors to encourage the use of lightweight dumbbells to strengthen a pitcher's rotator cuff.

3 rotator cuff exercises for baseball

The subsequent rotator cuff strength exercises can performed at least three to five times a week, and can be easily implemented into any pitcher strength training routine.

Each of these exercises should be performed in controlled manner. It's okay to raise the weight moderately fast, but it's essential that you perform the negative portion of the workout slowly.

Typically, baseball pitchers use 2.5 to 5 pounds for each arm. Anything above 5 pounds may possibly train the larger muscles in the shoulder, which defeats the purpose of these rotator cuff exercises. Most pitching programs will perform 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions per workout.

Each of the workouts below train each portion of the rotator cuff muscles.

  1. External rotation exercise
  2. This workout can help strengthen the decelerator muscles of the rotator cuff. As shown in the picture, find something to lay sideways on. It could be on the floor or bench, either way will work.

    Keep your elbow to your side, and bring the weight up until you feel a slight stretching feeling in the back of the rotator cuff, and proceed to lower the weight back to starting position. Do not move your body as a way to push the weight further back.

    Simply rotate your arm down and up, in a slow and fluid manner. You can also perform this workout standing up by using a resistance cable or band instead of a dumbbell. Focus on performing this exercise slowly so that it will strengthen the decelerator muscles of the rotator cuff which will reduce the chances of pitching injury.

  3. Lateral raises exercise
  4. This is a very simple workout to perform. Simply hold the weights to your side, lift the weight from your hip to shoulder level, and slowly lower the weight.

    Make sure your shoulder blades are squeezed together during this exercise.

    Lateral raises will build the middle portion of the rotator cuff that is often times neglected by pitchers, but is a very important piece to injury prevention and pitching velocity.

  5. Front dumbbell raises exercise
  6. This is a simple workout to perform. Hold the weights to your side and raise them straight up to shoulder height, and back down to your side.

    Keep your shoulder blades together, and perform the workout in a slow and controlled manner.

    It's important that you utilize exercises that will strength each section the rotator cuff to promote muscular balance, and prevent pitching injury.

These are only a few of the many rotator cuff exercises for baseball that you can perform. Implement these into your pitcher strength training routine, and you will witness immediate results.

Keep working hard. No off days. No excuses.

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