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Sprints for baseball pitchers are a top-shelf training method for an aspiring player.

Baseball pitchers can benefit immensely from incorporating sprints into their strength training regime. That's because almost every movement in baseball requires short and immediate explosion. And each burst — whether it's pitching, hitting, or running — lasts for only a few seconds.

For this reason alone, sprints have become an exceptional baseball-specific training technique for pitchers.

Benefits of pitcher sprint work

There are countless benefits of utilizing sprints for baseball. Here are some benefits you can look forward to if you decide to routinely use sprints as a training method:

  • Increased stamina, explosion, and power.
  • Could increase pitching velocity.
  • May witness greater hitting power.
  • Increases lean muscle mass by incinerating excess fat.
  • Strength increase in glutes, quads, and hamstrings.
  • Abdominal strength and definition increase.

Sprints > Long distance running

Sprint training has practically replaced old methods of running in baseball such as long distance running. New research has indicated that long distance running is no longer an optimal training technique for baseball pitchers, and that it can actually decrease overall performance in all athletes.

On average, most college and professional baseball pitchers perform sprint work almost everyday or every other day during the off-season and regular season. During the off-season, sprints can be an excellent training method for preparing your body for the upcoming season. And during the season, sprints can help a pitcher recover faster between starts, and maintain strength and stamina throughout the season.

Most highly competitive baseball pitchers will run sprints the day before a start, following their pitching performance, and even run sprints the day after they threw. It all depends on the individual pitcher, and his preference.

Sprints are excellent the day before pitching because the explosive movement is preparing your body for the explosion that occurs within the pitching delivery. In many instances, a starter will repeat this motion at least 80 to 100 times in a start. Sprints will enable pitchers to maintain their pitching velocity and endurance once they reach higher pitch counts.

Keep working hard. No off days. No excuses.

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